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Points of Light: An Educational Outreach Piece

The Points of Light Project takes the anniversary of the Peace Palace outside of The Hague to 30 different locations throughout the world, identified as 'Points of Light'.

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How does it work? Each Point of Light receives a box (called a 'Treasure Box') containing educational and promotional materials about the Peace Palace, the Peace Movement and International Law.

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In exchange for the Treasure Box, the Point of Light agrees to sponsor at least one educational activity connected with the moment, and share the story of that activity
through social media (we will provide guidance in doing that). The contents of the box will not only help each Point of Light develop its educational activity/activities, it will also help the Point of Light to promote it. Ideally, each Point of Light uses the contents of the box to continue the conversation about the theme of peace and global justice.

Why 30 Points of Light ? 30 is symbolic. If you are somewhat astute, you can find the answer
here - although you may have to read a bit to do so.

If you or your organization is interested in being a Point of Light, contact us here.

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