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Information for the Press

1. Press Release for Pro Concordia Labor

Press Release from Central Michigan University

Description of 'Piece of the Palace'


1. Article from De Telegraaf on Piece of the Palace
(July 12, 2013) (In Dutch)

"Teachable Moment, Grotian Moment: May 18 and the Peace Palace Centenary"
(IntLawGrrls May 18, 2013)

Article from Peace Palace Library on "Piece of the Palace"
(May 3, 2013)

Relevant Links

1. Points of Light
(educational outreach component of 'Piece of the Palace)

The Bertha von Suttner Project
(created to educate the public about this important but largely unknown figure from the 19th century peace movement)

Run for Aletta
(Part of the
Vredesloop Peace Run, Hague resident Anke Kuiper ran in order to educate others aboutt peacebuilder Aletta Jacobs, who will be honored in The Hague in 2015)

'Piece of the Palace' - is a constellation of activities celebrating the Centenary of the Peace Palace. 'Piece of the Palace' was created and is organized by Hope Elizabeth May with the support of The Department of Philosophy and Religion at Central Michigan University, The College of Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences of Central Michigan University, and The Planethood Foundation. Additional support provided by The International Criminal Court Student Network and by a number of private citizens in the United States.

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E.M. Forster, Howards End